e-bike lights

What are e-bike headlights?

E-bike headlights are powered by the vehicle’s battery. This battery supplies DC voltage, however, the voltage level is not standardised. Our e-bike headlights are able to receive a range of different voltages and therefore are suitable for use with most drive systems.

Please note: E-bikes made before 2014

In Germany before 2014, e-bikes had to have a regular bicycle dynamo powering the light system. Such a dynamo supplies 6 VC AC. If your e-bike is equipped with a dynamo, it is not suitable for use with an e-bike headlight. All our dynamo-powered headlights may be used in this case.

Information for e-bike manufacturers

You manufacture e-bikes and would like to utilise our lights? Please do not hesitate to get in tough, we will gladly advise you. We also develop special OEM solutions not available in retail for plate-bearing speed e-bikes.