Made in Germany


  • 150 Lux
  • Suitable for 6-60 V DC supply
  • Extensive beam pattern
  • Close range light
  • Daytime running light
  • Requires at least 7.5 W nominal output of the drive system's light connection
  • Part no. : 164R60TS7-01
  • German SRP: 149,90 €

150 Lux

With its state of the art optical system, the IQ-X E from Busch + Müller is the first E-Bike light to reach the 150 Lux mark. this high end head light has a beam pattern is superbly even and wide.

We have paired top technology to an attractive design. The high-grade anodised aluminium housing doubles as a heat sink. Side visibility is ensured through light emission via the lateral slits in the housing. The easy-to-use switch is embedded in a ring of blue light at the rear of the housing.