Wat is de som van 1 en 7?

Note regarding service enquiries

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Should one of our products be defective, the retailer you purchased it from is your contractual partner and the person to contact in warranty/liability cases. We kindly ask you to directly contact that retailer. Doing so incurs no cost for you. Any good retailer will find a solution for you, even from afar, or contact us in turn. Unfortunately, there is a trend that some retailers – primarily those of the online variety that offer our products at especially low prices – try to withdraw themselves from their contractual obligation and refer end consumers to us directly. We understand that you are looking for a timely and satisfactory solution. Therefore, you may contact us directly but please only do so in urgent and exceptional cases. You can reach us at +49 2354/915-7111. This phone number is for service enquiries only. If you are looking for product advice, please visit a specialised dealer.