Sustainability - Environmental certification for Busch + Müller

The brand Busch + Müller is synonymous with products of quality and sustainability. For a number of years now Busch + Müller has maintained a certified quality management system that is continually developed, and achieved the status of ISO 9001:2015 in 2019.

Since production capacity had reached the boundary of exhaustion over the last few years the premises have now been enlarged with a significant extension into new buildings. Throughout the planning and construction efforts, a number of measures have been incorporated to reduce the consumption of natural resources. Sauerland (where Busch + Müller is located) is known as a region with particularly high rainfall. This rainfall is collected and used not only for the flush in restroom facilities, but also for the permanent cooling required in some 30 machines used for injection moulding. The warm water resulting from this is utilised in the underfloor heating of the company buildings to provide heating in the winter months. Through this secondary use of production energy, significantly less natural resources are consumed.

Throughout the entire company, the materials implemented are done so under consideration of their environmental impact. For example, no plastic tapes are used in the shipping department, only paper based bio-degradable tapes. Generally, the plastics used in products are entirely recyclable. Plastic waste occurring in production is reground into granulate and returned to the production process.

An emphasis on quality and sustainability is placed on our products right from the start of the initial development phase. Even at this early stage, it is a clear requirement that products should not be viewed as throwaway articles, but should be conceived as durable and long-living items.

Where possible Busch + Müller prefers local suppliers in order to keep transport distances and our carbon footprint to a minimum.