Made in Germany

We believe in innovation.

Since 1925, we manufacture bicycle lighting - it all begann with a handful of workers and the production of "cat eyes". In the 90s, we launched the LUMOTEC series, followed by the TOPLIGHT series, the invention of the automatic standlight, IQ technology, daytime running LEDs, LineTec and BrakeTec… we now have broken the 100 Lux barrier for dynamo headlights and offer new e-bike solutions - in short: We believe in innovation and produce original (that find many imitators). All that we do with more than 200 employees in Meinerzhagen: Made in Germany.

We are tool builders.

We construct each element ourselves and build the tools to do so. Injection moulds that are used in our more than 30 moulding machines: Each part originates from its own mould. Many of them weigh tons. More than a thousand of them are stored at our factory. An "iron" capital that makes us independent and unique - and that ensures our ability to supply for many years.

We are trendsetters.

The light source is a tiny LED. Only a reflector turns this point of light into a purposefully targeted light field. To give the light its precise direction, many calculations, measurements and prototype experiments are required. It takes many months for a new "light design" to enter mass production. We then take our blank reflectors and vacuum-metallise them with an immeasurably thin mirror surface made of aluminium.

We take everything into our hands.

At the end of assembly, every headlight's or rear light's functions are tested. It is not enough for the product to simply shine, we check light output, light field, light/dark boundary and much more. This, supported by measuring devises, is done manually by our employees. Responsible ensurance of quality is part of our claim "Made in Germany".

We are at your service.

Whoever has a question regarding bicycle light may dial our number or write an e-mail. We will provide an answer - no matter if its about tricky technicalities, special monting, regulations regarding bicycles and e-bikes or simply advice regarding our products and their functions. Each and every months, hundreds of people make use of our services - retailers as well as consumers. Being personally available simply is part of our credo: „Made in Germany“.

We expand capacity.

For a long time, we manufactured on our 9,000 m² premises. In a building complex that was continually expanded for over 50 years. A few years ago, this turned out to be too little space once again. We were luck and able to purchase property directly adjecent to our factor. Now we have another new building, our capacity was increased by over 50% by adding another 5,000 m² for new machines and a more efficient reorganisation of our entire production process.