Digital curve light

The Briq-XL headlight revolutionises e-bikes with digital curve light. The curve light will react to the lean of the handlebar in a progressive sequence to provide a magnificent illumination of the bend while riding the curve. Simultaneously, the light on the far side of the curve will be lowered, maintaining a dipped beam to prevent the dazzle of oncoming traffic.

Aluminium housing

The Briq-XL has a large, high-quality and function designed aluminium housing. The perfect protection for the inner workings of the headlamp. Three light openings on each side ensure good lateral visibility. The style-defining design language of the Briq series gives every bike that special something, while the dynamically arranged cooling ribs also ensure sufficient cooling. The indicator LEDs for high beam and curve light as well as Bluetooth are integrated at the rear in the rider‘s field of vision.

Smart lighting technology

The Briq-XL headlight combines a broad reflector and its LED segments with smart control electronics. This not only enables a new dimension in bicycle lighting with a sharp cut-off line, but also high energy efficiency and durability. The high beam and four light modes can be controlled intuitively using the ergonomic handlebar switch.

App connection

The Briq-XL headlight can be paired with the Busch+Müller app via Bluetooth to customise the light field. In addition to three pre-installed modes, City, Road and Offroad, features such as low beam/high beam transition, daytime running light, light width and distance can be customised under ‘My mode’. Up to four modes (two per button) can be configured with the app on the Bluetooth handlebar button.

Briq-XL: Headlight with digital curve light

Headlight without curve light


  • Close-range illumination,
    active and clear
  • 150-220 lux - almost everywhere
    in the range of the cut-off line
  • 2,000-8,500 lumen
  • Design daytime running light,
    controlled by light sensor
  • Indication LEDs for high beam,
    curve light, Bluetooth
  • Weight 320 g
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • 16-60 watt power consumption
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 74/94/64 mm

Upgrade your bike with digital curvelight now!

Upgrade your bike with digital curvelight now!