Made in Germany


  • Charge/power mobile devices using hub dynamo
  • High efficiency
  • Variable voltage and current settings
  • Extensive accessory set
  • Various connectors (eg. USB)
  • Splash- and rainwater-proof
  • Part no. : 361
  • German SRP: 169,00 €

Power without mains - For all those that do not want to do without mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player or other electronic devices while cycling, Busch+ Müller has developed the bike-mobile E-WERK. Connected to a hub dynamo; Voltage and current can be adapted to charge and/or power mobile devices. Includes multiple adapter cables.

With this dynamo-connected, universal powering device can be adjusted variably in small increments. It charges at velocities of approx. 8 km/h and faster. At around 15 km/h it charges as quickly as standard mains connected chargers. It can be fed with up to 50 V DC, so that operation with an e-bike or car battery is possible as well.