Made in Germany

IQ-XS friendly E

  • 80 Lux
  • 100 % bio-degradable plastic casing
  • Suitable for 6-42V DC supply
  • Extensive beam pattern
  • Close range light
  • Daytime running light
  • Part no. : 516711GR42TS-04
  • German SRP: 79,90 €

80 Lux

Headlight with bio-degradable plastic casing for more sustainability

The IQ-XS friendly by Busch + Müller is the first in a new product range of headlights with a plastic casing that is bio-degradable, 100% free of residues. This development makes it possible to manufacture plastic component parts more environmentally friendly whilst maintaining the quality levels of conventional plastic parts. The headlight also offers an impressive 80 Lux light output, sensor-controlled daytime LEDs, standlight and a screw-on front reflector.

„Friendly“ is part of a company philosophy that involves all operational sectors of Busch + Müller. Processes are and will be continually analysed and adapted. Always with the goal of protecting the environment and operating at a higher level of sustainability. One example is the use of heat from the moulding department: The excess heat of the moulding machines is collected and used to power the underfloor heating of the production facility and storage depot. Additionally, all plastic blister packaging will be faded out in favour of ecologically sustainable paper packaging originating from FSC-certified forestry. This guarantees that all lumbered trees are reforested completely. Our goal as Busch + Müller is to become more and more „friendly“, step by step.